the Realm

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Designed by Ellis Jones with help from our collaborators, The Realm is a creative space in Melbourne which asks you to shake off your inhibitions, open yourself to new ideas, and get comfortable with your creativity.

Across 120 square meters, using a mix of re-purposed found objects and new technology, we’ve installed lighting, sound, facilitation tools, and collapsible work stations. These elements create a highly versatile space.

What might you do once you enter the Realm?


Research, workshops and co-design

Ellis Jones conducts research into markets, behaviours, brands, consumers and the digital world. We work with forward-thinking researchers, marketers, managers, and leaders to make sense of complexity and drive positive change.

But the physical setting too often limits thinking.

The Realm is designed to unlock ideas. Tucked down a cobblestone alley, the Realm is ideal for focus testing and design thinking, with collapsible workstations, projection and audio-visual tools, easels, open wall space, and more.

Talk to us about exploring fresh ideas in a dynamic setting.


Training and insights

To continue learning and growing, we need to look at our world with different eyes and regularly challenge our assumptions. The Realm provides a shared platform for doing this.

Ideal for collaborative training and knowledge sharing, the Realm is a place where assumptions are left at the door. Whether hosting a panel, presentation, workshop, lecture, debate or discussion, the Realm has 120 square meters to play with. A raised stage and audio-visual capabilities can lift a small discussion to a formal presentation and vice versa.

We hold regular events delving into social impact, communications, and the digital world. If you'd like to attend an event or host an event with us, get in touch.


Community and networking

Creatives and professionals prosper when they’re nurtured by a supportive community. By connecting with others, we can better define what it means to do “good work” and further our craft.

Formal networking can be stale, but this is where the Realm shines. With unique feature lighting, there is an atmosphere of warmth and openness. High ceilings and a cathedral-inspired window lift the tone of industry meet-ups and networking events into inspiring gatherings.

Across sectors including health & ageing, property & infrastructure, energy & environment, government, the arts and commercial, the Realm brings people and ideas together.

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A cultural space

Cultural and creative events are part of Melbourne’s fabric. An alluring and dynamic place to live, event spaces are the hotbed of artistic and creative thinking in Melbourne. And the Realm is part of this scene.

Whether part of a cultural or creative festival, an insights night, a business event, an art show, perhaps a design sprint or a community forum, the Realm enhances the imaginative possibilities of any event as a space for hire.

Alongside our collaborators, we designed the Realm so it can be tailored to your event. Talk to us about what we can do together.