PRIA & Ellis Jones Professional Development Workshop: Design Thinking for Communicators

Great design has the power to challenge and inspire individuals, groups and workplaces. Design thinking draws from the designer’s toolkit to consider the human-centred needs of the consumer, applying innovative ideas to create business solutions.

Design meet-up No. 1 – Atmosphere

We developed the ‘Design Meet up’ format as a quarterly platform for designers and design lovers of all kinds to gather, share a drink, a chat, and be inspired by leading practitioners from all walks of creativity as they share their experience and insights.

The (social) innovators

Social change is hard; this we know. But it’s easier to achieve with fellow travellers.

We invited specialists and leading practitioners to share some battle scars, celebrate recent triumphs and hatch clever plans for the benefit of society.

University of Melbourne Shared Value Workshop

To understand the challenges, opportunities and potential applications of shared value in an international context, 30 University of Melbourne masters students met in the Realm of Possibilities. We delved into the history and theory, before guiding the students through a lab session where they designed and pitched shared value initiatives for a global organisation. 

Co-design in aged care

Addressing the challenge of improving the health and wellbeing of people engaging with aged and disability care, over 40 leading providers, architects, referral services and design thinking experts met in the Realm of Possibilities.