Collaborators event: The (social) innovators.

  • DATE:  Wednesday 28 June, 2017 (past event) 
  • TIME:  6.00pm - 8.00pm
  • WHERE: The Realm of Possibilies - 3A Glasshouse Rd Collingwood VIC 3066
  • COST:  Free

Social change is hard; this we know. But it’s easier to achieve with fellow travellers. So we’re inviting you to share some battle scars, celebrate recent triumphs and hatch clever plans for the benefit of society. 

We’ve looked for communities of social innovators practicing across disciplines, and come up empty. That’s why we’re creating one with its home base in the Realm of Possibilities.

Join an eclectic mix of thinkers, innovators, specialists and leaders; a community of people working in human-centred design, social impact assessment and measurement, behavioural economics, social research, impact investing, social enterprise development and social change communications.

And while talk is great, we want to act. So the intent of this event, and those that follow, is to leave with new connections, new ideas, and shared work on the horizon.

On June 28th at 6pm, step into the Realm and help us create this community.

With wine in hand, we’ll facilitate a Knowledge Cafe, where everyone’s voice can be heard in conversation about a number of topics across tables (we fancy it a social innovation version of The Existentialist Cafe, without the steamy love affairs!).

With the spirit of serious play, we’ll debate questions like:

-      Why won’t the CFO fund this thing?!

-      Is it really so hard to understand?

-      And, shouldn’t time be measured in years not months?

Or, if you like, send us your own questions to and we’ll program them in.